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Unlock Global Opportunities: Learn English for Free with the Power of ChatGPT

Learning English is a valuable skill that opens up a world of opportunities. It's the language of international business and a key tool for connecting with people from all over the globe. Whether you're looking to advance your career, travel the world, or simply broaden your horizons, English is an essential skill that can help you achieve your goals.

ChatGPT offers a unique and convenient way to learn English for free. With its advanced language model technology, ChatGPT provides personalized assistance in mastering the grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills you need to become confident and fluent in English. Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your existing skills, ChatGPT offers an effective and engaging learning experience that can help you reach your goals and connect with the world.

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As an expert in linguistics and the English language can you help me learn English please.

Conversation Practice

ChatGPT Prompt:

Can you write a conversation at the bank between a bank staff member and someone that wishes to open a new account? Can you assume this conversation happens at the National Australia Bank (NAB)

Sure, here is a sample conversation between a bank staff member and a customer at the National Australia Bank:

Bank Staff Member: Good morning, welcome to National Australia Bank. How may I assist you today?

Customer: Hi, I would like to open a new bank account.

Bank Staff Member: Great, I'd be happy to help with that. May I see some identification and proof of address, please?

Customer: Sure, here's my driver's license and utility bill.

Bank Staff Member: Thank you. Let me just verify your information. (pauses to review the documents) Everything looks good. Can I have your full name and contact information, please?

Customer: Yes, my name is John Doe and my contact number is 555-555-1234.

Bank Staff Member: Great, and what type of account would you like to open? We have savings, checking, and various other options.

Customer: I'd like to open a savings account, please.

Bank Staff Member: Alright, let me just pull up the application form. (gives the customer a form to fill out) Please fill out this form and I'll be here to assist you with any questions you may have.

Customer: Thanks. (completes the form and hands it back)

Bank Staff Member: Thank you, I'll process this now. (reviews the form) Everything looks good. Let me just explain the terms and conditions of the savings account. (provides information on the account details, interest rates, fees, etc.)

Customer: That all sounds great. I'd like to proceed.

Bank Staff Member: Excellent! I'll just need you to make an initial deposit to open the account. How would you like to do that today?

Customer: I'd like to make a deposit with cash, please.

Bank Staff Member: Sure, I'll just need to count the cash and process the deposit. (processes the deposit) Your account has been successfully opened. Here's your account number and debit card.

Customer: Great, thank you so much for your help.

Bank Staff Member: You're welcome. Have a great day!

ChatGPT Prompt:

help with an ice breaker. Can you provide me with an ice breaker conversation about why someone should visit Sri Lanka, please include a mention of my favourite place Sigiriya.

Sure, here's an ice breaker conversation about visiting Sri Lanka, including a mention of Sigiriya:

Person 1: Have you ever been to Sri Lanka?

Person 2: No, I haven't. Why should I visit?

Person 1: Oh, there are so many reasons! Sri Lanka has some of the most beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife, and rich culture. Plus, the food is incredible.

Person 2: That sounds interesting. What's your favorite place there?

Person 1: Definitely Sigiriya. It's an ancient rock fortress that's absolutely stunning. You have to climb to the top to see the panoramic views, but it's worth it. The history and the beauty of the place are just amazing.

Person 2: That does sound like an amazing place. I'll have to put that on my travel bucket list.

Person 1: You definitely should. Sri Lanka is such a unique and beautiful country, and Sigiriya is one of its most iconic attractions.

Word Meanings

ChatGPT Prompt:

What is the meaning of the word lavish?

The word "lavish" is an adjective that means characterized by or showing great expense or generosity; very abundant or plentiful; or excessively elaborate or showy. Here are some example sentences to illustrate its use:

  • The company held a lavish party to celebrate its success.

  • She was dressed in a lavish gown that was fit for a queen.

  • The hotel room was decorated with a lavish array of flowers and candles.

  • He was known for his lavish spending habits.

  • The wedding was a lavish affair, with hundreds of guests, a live band, and a five-course meal.

  • The film's special effects were lavish and added to the overall appeal of the movie.

  • The new car had a lavish interior, complete with heated seats, a premium sound system, and a sunroof.

  • The hostess was lavish with her compliments, making everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

  • The garden was a lavish display of color and beauty, with vibrant flowers and lush greenery.

Learning Grammar

ChatGPT Prompt:

When would I use the Future Perfect tense?

The future perfect tense is used to talk about an action that will have been completed at a specific time in the future. It's often used to talk about a longer action that will be finished in the future, or to express completion at a specific point in time.

The structure of the future perfect tense is "will have + past participle" (e.g. "will have finished").

Here are a few examples of when you might use the future perfect tense:

  • By the end of next year, I will have lived in this city for 10 years.

  • By the time the flight arrives, the passengers will have been flying for 10 hours.

  • By next month, she will have finished all of her exams.

  • By the end of the week, we will have completed all of the project milestones.

  • By the end of the game, the team will have played their best.

Practicing pronunciation

ChatGPT Prompt:

I want to practice pronunciation write a sentence with as many Rs as possible

Here's a sentence with multiple occurrences of the letter 'r':

Ravi rapidly ran around the rough road, wriggling his furry rat before reaching the restaurant to enjoy a rare roast with radishes.

Ralph the raccoon rummaged through the rubbish, searching for any remnants of ripe raspberries and other round fruits, before returning to his rustic riverside retreat.

Free Text to Speech Tool:

Reading Comprehension

ChatGPT Prompt:

Can you please rewrite this simplier language "<<insert text here>>"

Text from New York Times: On the surface, calm has returned to Sri Lanka since the South Asian nation plunged into political chaos and virtual bankruptcy last summer. Gone are the fuel lines that snaked for blocks; a seaside expanse that had been the site of a monthslong protest encampment was resplendent over the holidays with Christmas lights and carnival rides.

But underneath, the island’s economy remains on a ventilator, with the government yet to secure a way out of crushing debt. Sri Lankans have become resigned to a sad reality: pared-down meals, shrunken incomes and reduced expectations.

Many young people are desperately trying to find a way out of the country. Those who cannot escape are left to reckon with the likelihood that any economic rebound will be modest at best, all but erasing the earlier promise of mobility in this once middle-income nation.

Perhaps most of all, what has taken the wind out of Sri Lankans is that, even after a popular uprising ousted the strongman president in July, the same political elite still call the shots, with little accountability for the mismanagement and excess that wrecked the country.

Response from ChatGPT

Calm has returned to Sri Lanka after a time of political problems and financial troubles last year. The fuel lines are gone and the protest area is now filled with Christmas lights and carnival rides. However, the country's economy is still struggling and people are eating less and earning less. Many young people are trying to leave the country, and those who stay face a slow economic recovery. The same political leaders are still in charge with no accountability for the problems in the past.

Writing Prompts

ChatGPT Prompt:

Please generate essay topics on personalised learning

Here are five potential essay topics related to personalized learning:

  • The impact of personalized learning on student motivation and engagement in the classroom.

  • How teachers can effectively implement personalized learning in their classrooms.

  • The role of technology in personalized learning and its potential advantages and disadvantages.

  • Personalized learning and its impact on closing the achievement gap between diverse student populations.

  • Personalized learning and its potential to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need for the future workforce.

ChatGPT Prompt:

Propose a structure / outline for the first essay topic

Here's a potential structure/outline for an essay on the impact of personalized learning on student motivation and engagement in the classroom:

I. Introduction

A. Definition of personalized learning

B. Explanation of the importance of student motivation and engagement in the classroom

C. Thesis statement: Personalized learning has a positive impact on student motivation and engagement in the classroom.

II. Literature Review

A. Overview of research on personalized learning and student motivation and engagement

B. Explanation of how personalized learning enhances motivation and engagement

C. Discussion of the limitations and challenges of implementing personalized learning

III. Case Studies/Examples

A. Explanation of how personalized learning is being implemented in different classrooms

B. Discussion of the positive impact personalized learning has had on student motivation and engagement in these classrooms

C. Analysis of the challenges and limitations encountered in these implementations

IV. Discussion

A. Explanation of the key findings from the literature review and case studies

B. Analysis of the potential for personalized learning to enhance student motivation and engagement on a larger scale

C. Discussion of the challenges and limitations to widespread implementation of personalized learning

V. Conclusion

A. Summary of the key points made in the essay

B. Restatement of the thesis

C. Discussion of the potential implications of the findings for future research and education policies

D. Final thoughts and recommendations.

ChatGPT Prompt:

Write each section and include quotes from Dr Ken Robinson

Sure! Here's a complete essay on the impact of personalized learning on student motivation and engagement in the classroom, incorporating quotes from Dr. Ken Robinson:


Personalized learning is a teaching approach that tailors educational experiences to the unique needs, interests, and learning styles of each student. It recognizes that every student is different, and it seeks to provide opportunities for students to learn at their own pace and in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them. In this essay, we will explore the impact of personalized learning on student motivation and engagement in the classroom.

Student motivation and engagement are crucial factors in the success of education. Motivated and engaged students are more likely to participate actively in their learning, retain information, and perform better academically. Therefore, it is important to understand the ways in which personalized learning can enhance these outcomes.

Dr. Ken Robinson, a renowned educator and speaker, once said, "The problem is not that kids are falling behind. The problem is that schools were never designed to meet the needs of all kids." This quote highlights the need to rethink traditional education models and embrace innovative approaches like personalized learning that better serve the diverse needs of students.

Literature Review

There has been growing interest in the potential of personalized learning to enhance student motivation and engagement. A number of studies have shown that personalized learning can lead to increased student engagement, motivation, and academic achievement. For example, research has found that students in personalized learning environments are more likely to take ownership of their learning, collaborate with their peers, and be involved in authentic, hands-on learning experiences.

However, personalized learning also presents its own set of challenges and limitations. Implementation can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, and it can be difficult to ensure that students are receiving adequate support and guidance. Additionally, personalized learning requires a shift in teaching practices, and not all teachers may be comfortable or confident in making this transition.

Dr. Ken Robinson points out that "We have a system of education that is modeled on the interests of industrialization, and yet we live in a post-industrial world. We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we are educating our children." This observation underscores the importance of exploring new and innovative approaches to education, such as personalized learning, that better meet the needs of students in our rapidly changing world.

Case Studies/Examples

There are many examples of personalized learning being successfully implemented in classrooms around the world. One such example is a middle school in the United States that has embraced a personalized learning model, allowing students to choose their own learning paths and work at their own pace. This has led to increased student engagement and motivation, as well as improved academic performance.

Another example is a high school in Australia that has integrated technology into its personalized learning model, allowing students to access a range of digital resources and tools to support their learning. This has led to a more dynamic and interactive learning environment, and students have reported increased engagement and motivation as a result.


The literature and case studies demonstrate that personalized learning has the potential to have a positive impact on student motivation and engagement in the classroom. Personalized learning allows students to take ownership of their learning, and it provides opportunities for them to explore their interests and learn in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them. Additionally, personalized learning can create a more dynamic and engaging learning environment, and it can help students develop important 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.

However, there are also limitations and challenges associated with personalized learning, and it is important to consider these when evaluating the impact of this approach. Personalized learning requires significant resources, both in terms of time and technology, and it can be

Creating a Study Plan with ChatGPT

  • Please provide a practice plan for a B1 English learner to practice grammar every day for 15 min.

  • Create a vocabulary-building plan for me if I want to focus on improving business English.

  • I want to improve my academic reading skills in English. Can you suggest a reading plan for me for the next 90 days?

  • Can you create a 3-month IELTS study plan for me? I have 30 minutes every day to study.

Learning Vocabulary with these ChatGPT prompts

  • Explain the meaning of <<this word>>.

  • Explain the opposite of <<this word>>.

  • Use these word in a short story: [add words]

  • Write 10 sentences using <<this word>>.

  • Can you suggest synonyms for <<this word>>?

  • Can you show me how to use this word in a different context?

  • Can you give me another example with a different usage of <<this word>>?

  • Can you write a sentence using the antonym of <<this word>>?

  • Can you make a list of the most popular phrasal verbs and provide definitions and examples?

  • Can you make a list of sports idioms and expressions in American English?

  • Please give the most commonly used expressions in the business world.


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